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Who We Are

The shops of Berry Towne Crafts are located in Goldsboro, North Carolina, on the campus of O'Berry Center. The crafts produced in our studios are a part of the work program offered to the residents at O'Berry, a provider of services to people with developmental disabilities.

Working hand in hand with their friends and mentors, each craftsperson creates in a craft medium that they choose. Selection is based on their intuitive feel for texture, color, form, taste, or smell and identified as the most enjoyable and beneficial to their personal growth. Our programs are "person centered", and we encourage each craftsperson to express themselves from within the context of their own needs and vision.

By purchasing items made at Berry Towne Crafts, you are supporting the continuation of these programs which are an important part of the daily life of the people living here.

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Berry Towne Crafts: Exceptional People - Exceptional Work

Berry Towne Crafts: Exceptional People - Exceptional Work